Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit

Leather Care Kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to clean, condition and protect your leather goods. Leather is a durable luxurious, material that requires regular care and maintenance. When properly cared for, your precious leather goods will serve you well for years to come.

It’s incredibly important to keep your leather clean because dirt can clog its pores causing it to dry out and crack. Regular cleaning and conditioning will significantly extend the lifespan of your leather goods, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Leather is a natural material that if cared for properly, will gracefully age and take on a life of its own. As time passes, the leather will soften and wear in, evolve a unique character through its inevitable share of nicks and scratches, and develop a beautiful patina that can only come with years of use and loving care. However, to achieve this desired state, leather needs to be regularly cleaned and conditioned. Our Leather Care Kit provides the one-two punch needed!

Premium Leather Balm (Sponge Applicator Included) - Our natural 100% USDA Certfied Biobased and biodegradable blend of beeswax and coconut oil will help keep your premium leather supple and protect it from the elements. Preserve waxed and oiled leathers with regular application every few months or as needed. The Premium Leather Balm is not suitable for suede or nubuck.

Premium Brush - The Jason Markk Delicates Brush is excellent for cleaning delicate materials such as premium leather, suede, nubuck, cotton and knits. The soft bristles effectively clean without damaging the material.

4oz Premium Ready-To-Use Foam Cleaner - Jason Markk Premium Ready-To-Use Foam Cleaner is precisely pre-mixed with the perfect ratio of cleaning solution to water. This product is a gentle, foaming solution that effectively cleans and conditions. It is safe to use on all leathers. We do not recommend cleaning unsealed, painted leather. Use extra care when cleaning dyed suede as the color is likely to bleed with any contact with water.

Premium Microfiber Towel - Our Premium Microfiber Towel is extremely absorbent, quick drying, lint free and non-abrasive, which makes it the perfect material for wiping off excess liquid.

How To Use

Cleaning Process:
  • Remove all loose debris from the surface and inside of bags and wallets.
  • Gently vacuum the inside of any bag.
  • Clean the leather with the Ready-To-Use Foam
  • Allow the leather to dry
Conditioning Process:
  • Apply the Leather Balm using the sponge applicator. Start with a small amount of balm and work it evenly into the leather using a circular motion. Pay attention to stitching as well.
  • Repeat the application until the entire surface area has a nice, even coverage.
  • After allowing the balm to permeate for several hours, wipe off any excess balm with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat conditioning process steps as needed.

Helpful Tips

  • We Recommend testing a small spot before cleaning the entire leather item. If no staining or warping occurs during the test spot, proceed with the steps above:
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